Kick fossil fuel money out of Rhode Island politics.

Governor Raimondo has taken $500,000 in campaign contributions from the Fossil Fuel industry. We say no more. Today, Rhode Islanders are going on strike, marching on the State House, and sitting in at the Governor's office to demand that she sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge.

We need climate leadership in Rhode Island.

Governor Raimondo has taken over $500,000 from the fossil fuel industry. That includes a single contribution of $250,000 from Stacy Schusterman, Chairwomen of Samson Energy, an oil and gas company. Raimondo also accepted a campaign contribution from the CEO and Founder of Invenergy, the company that tried to build the Burrillville Power Plant. When our politicians rely on the fossil fuel indsutry to win their elections, we know that they won't have the people's best interests at heart when they take office.

In September, hundreds of Sunrisers gathered in Providence for a weekend of movement building at the Northeast Regional Sunrise Summit. We marched on the State House to demand that Governor Raimondo sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge and support the Green New Deal.

Sunrisers from all over the Northeast gathered to march through Providence to the State House. Sunrisers marching in the September Summit action.
Governor Raimondo fleeing climate activists at the State House. Her staff told the activists that she was out-of-state. Raimondo sneaking out of the State House

Raimondo's staff told us that she was conducting important business out-of-state, and that we would have to come back later. Then we caught Governor Raimondo sneaking out the back door of the State House.

Rhode Island deserves a governor who isn't ashamed to look young people in the eye as we fight for our future.
Rhode Island deserve a governor who will face climate change head-on and show leadership by rejecting fossil fuel money.

Governor Raimondo: We demand that you sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge today.